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Dr. Yusra
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by Sonia Asghar on Dr. Yusra

I can’t even begin to explain how amazing Dr Shahd is. She is hands down the nicest person I have met, I honestly felt like I was talking to a friend. I was a nervous wreck before I went in for my tear trough treatment but Dr Shahd instantly put me at ease and asked me why I wanted the treatment and what changes I thought I would see. Following a discussion, she told me she thought I wasn’t suitable for the treatment and explained the reasons why. I am so glad I chose to book with this clinic even though I didn’t have my treatment, I was glad to know that they genuinely wanted to help and didn’t just want my money. Dr Shahd suggested other alternatives and also gave me her opinion on other treatments I had considered. Now I know why there are so many positive reviews on this page. I can’t recommend Dr Shahd enough. I can say so much in praise of Dr Shahd but I think I’ll stop here and hopefully will see her again in the future.

by Sabah on Dr. Yusra

I had my cheeks and tear trough done with Dr Shahd and I am loving the results so much already. Dr Shahd is so kind and patient - she made me feel so calm and comfortable throughout and she has done an amazing job. Can’t wait to come back

Thank you so much!!!

by Mrs. Khan on Dr. Yusra

Long overdue:
5 days post chin filler, I am sitting at work and clicking pictures! I was a nervous wreck when I went to see Dr. Yusra. She was as kind and empathetic as she is comes across on Instagram. The only difference was the warmth of her touch on my shoulder when I broke down into tears. Despite her being busy she listened to everything I had to say, my fears, my concerns and comforted me. After her reassurance, we did the procedure. it was only 1 ml in my chin but she attended to me as if I was getting a whole new face!!! II was stressed at home and kept reading the super detailed after care email they sent me, She and her team were replying to all my idiotic queries after I had gone home. There was no pain and no bruising, but I would suggest that you are mentally prepared before you get anything done as if you're obsessive like me you won't step away from the mirror. The filler takes time to settle down and I am still in the process, but it already looks so lovely, I can't wait for it to settle down fully and see the final look. but either way I have made a connection for life, and I know only value will be added to my life if I stay in touch with Dr. Yusra.

Update: It's settled down beautifully and I think I am hooked. BE CAREFUL because she is sooooo good you will start thinking of a billion things to get done. But hey get in the queue. Thank you Dr. Yusra and her lovely team.

by Sahbina on Dr. Yusra

Dr. Yusra and her team were incredibly thoughtful, helpful and supportive during my procedure. I can already see massive improvements since my last procedure and would definitely recommend her extraordinary work! If you’re travelling from quite far I definitely recommend visiting the Liverpool clinic as it were an easy, straightforward route and for me ( having also been to the London one), I found it considerably shorter. The Liverpool clinic is also more bigger and isn’t as busy. Anisa- part of her team was equally very supportive, kind and helpful. They really understood my concerns and helped me to transform my face to my liking, thanks to Dr. Yusra and her wonderful team I regained my confidence and felt more comfortable in my own skin. I feel as if Dr. Yusra not only did a fantastic job but is a really genuine, caring and lovely person, it was amazing to have met her.
I personally found out about her practise from Instagram and encourage everyone to look at the before and after pictures to see that her incredible work truly makes a difference.

by Carol on Dr. Yusra

WOW Dr Yusra is a super human what can I say she has changed my life 100% I can’t recommend her enough she has given me back my confidence my smile my life you can’t buy this but you can buy having her amazing expertise she is a beautiful lady inside and out and always makes time for you, I started my journey in February and nearly finished my non surgical face lift and the results speak for themselves I just look a better version of me natural healthy glow don’t hesitate if your thinking of making a consultation go for it just AMAZING

Thank you so much for your kind words Carol it was lovely having you in and watching your transformation and journey. We have seen you glow from the inside out and walk in with a bounce in your step. Thank you for choosing Dr Yusra Clinic and for trusting us with your care 🙂 We are so happy for you!

by Maryam on Dr. Yusra

I came across Dr Yusra a year ago however only had the courage to book an appointment this year and after having done my treatment I regret not booking earlier.
I had always noticed that I have facial asymmetry but wasn’t aware there were actual procedures that could correct this. Dr Yusra and Dr Shad both worked on me to help improve the symmetry and the results were beyond my expectation.
I can genuinely say Dr Yusra and her team genuinely care about their patience and their well-being. They make sure to take their time and you’re not felt rushed, they went through everything with me and this made me at ease and I genuinely had fun chatting away with Dr Yusra, Dr Shad and her PA. I cannot recommend both Dr Yusra and Dr Shad enough, these women will change your life! Thank you again for changing my life and working your magic and I hope to see you again soon!

by sonia on Dr. Yusra

Dr Yusra, Dr Shahd and her team are phenomenal. I was so anxious, they listened to concerns, gave me medical advice (without being pushy) and let me make my mind up on what treatment I wanted. they are the best in the field at what they do- and I wouldn't trust anyone else with my face! thank you for spending 2+ hours with me and being the sweetest doctors ever!!

Thanks so much,

by Bella on Dr. Yusra

Dr Shahd was absolutely amazing, so kind and patient and talked me through the entire process as she did my lips. She showed me as we went along and honestly I could not be more happy with the results - I am in love with my lips and came to work the next day. They barely even swelled up as she was so gentle with her technique. Thank you Dr Shahd! Will definitely be back x

by Clarissa on Dr. Yusra

Im wondering if all the reviews on this website are left here because they are positive and the negative ones are deleted? Seems weird that. I have a feeling it’s been regulated to only highlight the positive experiences.

Hi Clarissa! Thank you for your question. All reviews are published and we can proudly say all the reviews submitted are real and unbiased, and verified as real patients of the practice. Thankfully we have over 200 5 star reviews, which I hope is reassuring. We also have pabau verified reviews which we have recently started and you can see if you scroll down far enough. We have to date only had one negative review and have treated thousands of patients, who wrote her review before her top up session. If you click through previous pages I am sure you will find it, as well as our response. The nature of life is such that as hard as you may try you maybe unable to make every single person happy and thats normal and to be expected, so we welcome reviews and we take on board any constructive feedback which is sent to Dr Yusra and discussed as a team so that we can learn and grow and improve. We are a dedicated team of caring professionals who want to provide the best treatments and a warm and welcoming service. With that in mind, we have performed a search of your name and email and can see we don't have any patient by your name, so I take it you are not a patient of the clinic? If you have any questions, queries or concerns and you wish to discuss them, please feel free to email us at [email protected] or call us and you can speak to me, or one our patient liason team members and we look forward to welcoming you to clinic soon 🙂 Warm regards, Steph, PA to Dr Yusra

by Sumy on Dr. Yusra

Such a warm kind hearted soul. Dr Yusra was so professional and friendly. Really took time to go things in detail with me and discuss what would suit me. Such low self esteem and Dr yusra helped to sort that out. I was told it was as painful as getting your eyebrows waxed and i can honestly say, getting your eyebrows waxed is more painful! Thank you to Dr Yusra for making a difference to my life.

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