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Dr. Yusra
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by Zanah on Dr. Yusra


I want to start this review by saying that I have tried many different beauty treatments and a few Doctors, so I definitely have a range to compare my experience with.

Dr Yusra and her colleagues truly have the technical expertise and stay on top of any new advances within the field;
I was so worried and wanted the best for my lips and cheekbones - the latter being the first time I’ve ever done it.

I had cheeks with Dr Yusra and lips with Dr Shahd.

I had a horrible week when having everything done because I had unexpected bad news in the family.
I was very sad, so I was extra paranoid and sensitive!
Dr Yusra was understanding and responsed immediately when I expressed any worries. She accommodated even though she is busy and I didn’t sense any irritation - only support and kindness.

Many Doctors have a tendency to rush their customers/patients but both Dr Yusra and Dr Shahd listen and take their time to understand every situation, which is why I will continue going to this clinic for any fillers.

I’m very happy with my results - once all the swelling has settled it looks exactly like I wanted it to. Natural enhanced curve on my cheek and no “segration” over lipborder a.k.a “ducklips”.
My lips look amazing.

Girls and boys - do not go for cheap injectors as you do this once every 1-2 years and be SURE that your Dr is technically gifted - injecting isn’t all about having a certificate to injection.
Furthermore they need knowledge of the face anatomy so you don’t go accidentally paralysed 🙂 GOD FORBID.

Thank you Dr Yusra.

Kind regards,


by Zain Mohammed on Dr. Yusra

I’m not usually one for leaving reviews, however in this instance I feel obliged to sharing my experience as it’s been one I simply can’t forget.
I want to take this time to thank Dr. Yusra for restoring confidence in myself. She done a phenomenal job in fixing my nose with non surgical-rhinoplasty.
The job she carried out was a rather challenging one, however with her amazing talent I feel so lucky to have given a result that further met my expectations and she made me feel at ease throughout the appointment.
If you’re the kind of person who’s anxious or worried, then you absolutely shouldn’t be in the hands of a skilled surgeon like herself.

I’m finally confident again. It’s been a long road. Many dark times of insecurities... since my surgery I’ve took hundreds of photos sharing with close friend and family the results and they were in awe. They couldn’t believe that such a result could be done with a needle.

I could have went to many other surgeons locally in Scotland and felt I had to make the trip to England as excellent is the only option. You will also experience what I did with Dr. Yusra.

Keep up the great work! Will see you again hopefully! God bless

Zain Mohammed

by Hannah on Dr. Yusra

Had a general consultation with Dr Shahd. She was so lovely and understanding. Took the time to answer all my questions and explained the tear trough procedure thoroughly. Would highly reccommend to anyone feeling nervous or anxious. Dr Shahd really does her best to put you at ease.

by Taylor on Dr. Yusra

I never take the time to write reviews in most cases as I won’t have the time to do so. However, I have got to say, the service provided today at the Liverpool clinic was beyond the word exceptional and probably the most professional service I’ve ever witnessed and that’s no exaggeration. I was so satisfied in every aspect with how the treatment was from the moment I walked through the door. For all you new people who read these reviews for comfort of mind, I can promise you for a fact, you are in the best hands possible with the Dr.Yusra team. A special thank you and shout out to Leanne, so brilliant at her job and made me feel so relaxed, I don’t think their is anyone more suited to her vital role within the team. In addition, of course Dr.Yusra I knew you wouldn’t let me down, fantastic job on the non-surgical rhino plastic again. Second time leaving more than happy! Keep up the great work to the whole team! - Taylor

by Hasina on Dr. Yusra

I've been twice to Dr Yusra's clinics (Harrow and Harley St, the first time I eased in for a 0.5ml lip filler and was very pleased with the results. The second time, I had my lips done (1ml) by Dr. Shahd and she put me at ease as soon as she sensed I was quite surprised at the immediate swelling and size. She promised the swelling would subside will settle by the time of my follow up, and that by this time (after 4 weeks) I'd be happy with the end result and I can happily say that I am and Dr Shahd could see this too. I left feeling very informed about everything from the procedure and aftercare. Both Nurse Emma (Harrow) and Dr Shahd produced very natural looking lips, I can't see myself going anywhere else in the future.

We are so happy you are happy Hasina and it was a pleasure to have you in! See you again when you are ready 🙂 Warmest regards, Dr Yusra team

by TR on Dr. Yusra

Dr Yusra is honestly incredible. I followed her work for around a year before I decided to go for the non surgical rhino and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. After a couple months of having the non surgical rhino procedure, I noticed a very slight bump returning so emailed the pictures to the team and she was happy to give a top up with no extra charge, simply demonstrating the high level of care of service and this clinic / Sr Yusra offers. Since the top up, I’ve never been happier with the results (I’m 5 months in) and will 100% be returning to Dr Yusra when for the next treatment. One thing that stands out is that she asked about my reasons for wanting the treatment and it felt like she really connected with her clients on the insecurities they have. I’ve seen other clinics offer this procedure but Dr Yusra results often leave me gobsmacked - she’s flawless and I’m truly grateful I stumbled upon her! Thank you and see you next time xx

Thank you so much for the kind words! We look forward to welcoming you back 🙂

by Prashanth on Dr. Yusra

This is super delayed so first of all I’m really sorry! I had the non surgical rhinoplasty done 6 months back with Dr Yusra who is fantastic by the way! She not only made me feel at ease but also gave me the the perfect shape which I wanted! It really does increase your confidence and she’s nothing less than a miracle worker. It took literally 5 minutes! I was so happy with what she did and can’t rate her enough! Thank you Dr Yusra, hopefully see you soon! Cheers.

by Sonia Asghar on Dr. Yusra

I can’t even begin to explain how amazing Dr Shahd is. She is hands down the nicest person I have met, I honestly felt like I was talking to a friend. I was a nervous wreck before I went in for my tear trough treatment but Dr Shahd instantly put me at ease and asked me why I wanted the treatment and what changes I thought I would see. Following a discussion, she told me she thought I wasn’t suitable for the treatment and explained the reasons why. I am so glad I chose to book with this clinic even though I didn’t have my treatment, I was glad to know that they genuinely wanted to help and didn’t just want my money. Dr Shahd suggested other alternatives and also gave me her opinion on other treatments I had considered. Now I know why there are so many positive reviews on this page. I can’t recommend Dr Shahd enough. I can say so much in praise of Dr Shahd but I think I’ll stop here and hopefully will see her again in the future.

by Sabah on Dr. Yusra

I had my cheeks and tear trough done with Dr Shahd and I am loving the results so much already. Dr Shahd is so kind and patient - she made me feel so calm and comfortable throughout and she has done an amazing job. Can’t wait to come back

Thank you so much!!!

by Mrs. Khan on Dr. Yusra

Long overdue:
5 days post chin filler, I am sitting at work and clicking pictures! I was a nervous wreck when I went to see Dr. Yusra. She was as kind and empathetic as she is comes across on Instagram. The only difference was the warmth of her touch on my shoulder when I broke down into tears. Despite her being busy she listened to everything I had to say, my fears, my concerns and comforted me. After her reassurance, we did the procedure. it was only 1 ml in my chin but she attended to me as if I was getting a whole new face!!! II was stressed at home and kept reading the super detailed after care email they sent me, She and her team were replying to all my idiotic queries after I had gone home. There was no pain and no bruising, but I would suggest that you are mentally prepared before you get anything done as if you're obsessive like me you won't step away from the mirror. The filler takes time to settle down and I am still in the process, but it already looks so lovely, I can't wait for it to settle down fully and see the final look. but either way I have made a connection for life, and I know only value will be added to my life if I stay in touch with Dr. Yusra.

Update: It's settled down beautifully and I think I am hooked. BE CAREFUL because she is sooooo good you will start thinking of a billion things to get done. But hey get in the queue. Thank you Dr. Yusra and her lovely team.

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