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Dr. Yusra
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by daina on Dr. Yusra

i have heard so many amazing things about Dr yusra's work, so decided to book me a slot for treatment.
i called in today to book a consultation and omg!!! the receptionist Megan!!! she is the sweetest person ever. well-done to miss Megan for being so friendly and helping me calm down. i've been to other clinics in central London and have spend plenty of money, yet haven't been treated seriously (as i look young) and with disrespect but with Megan's manners i was definitely sure that this will be my go to clinic for both me and my friends and family.
Well-done Dr Yusra for having such an amazing and well manners team as well as being talented. cant wait to meet you guys!!!

by A.A on Dr. Yusra

I had visit Dr Yusra previously and loved her results. I thought the same could be achieve by other filler clinics and found this was not the case it completely ruined the way my face looked, I ended up spending more on getting filler out and back in again from these places and the filler was not taken out correctly. I visited Dr Yusra again as I know and trust her work. Initially I wanted more filler in my nose as I was not happy with the shape, Dr Yusra had advised me to take out the filler that is still there before reappling more filler which was definitely the right this to do for me. Her understand of what was bothering me and honesty on whats right for my face is what I love the most as well as her work that looks completely natural! I am really happy with the results and it was definitely worth the money! I will not be going else where again and can not recommend Dr Yusra enough!!! Thank you for making me feel much more confident and less self conscious about myself! X

by FM on Dr. Yusra

I struggle with anxiety/panic attacks/fainting- yes all at the sight of needles and fear of looking fake. Dr. Yusra and her team have been amazing in calming my nerves and ensuring it goes smoothly. Her work is just amazingggg- I’ve been going for years and still look like I’ve done nothing to my face- just looks natural/healthy/young. I unfortunately went elsewhere recently and ended up having it dissolved with Dr Yusra (hence writing this review)- so I’m sticking here and if your reading this you are looking for affirmation and should try her too. Eye of an artist combined with the skill and work ethics of a Dr you can’t go wrong. Xx

by L.A on Dr. Yusra

MAGIC HANDS!! The team at The Dr Yusra clinic are AMAZING, kind, friendly, professional and fantastic at what they do. I have a scar that caused me years of feeling insecure and it was treated by Dr Yusra and the team with Intracel which has made such a difference, the colour is lighter, the scar is much more flatter and even. Amazing work!!

by RN on Dr. Yusra

I am so happy I went for the non-surgical rhinoplasty! My experience at Dr Yusras clinic was brilliant. Everytime I called or emailed, all my enquiries were dealt with quickly and professionally. The clinic was beautiful and the atmosphere was very relaxing. Dr Yusra and her team were lovely. I was quite anxious but they all made me feel at ease. Dr Yusra is so down to earth and extremely knowledgeable. You can tell how passionate she is about what she does. I am so glad I booked myself with Dr Yusra over other clinicians. She discussed everything in depth and took her time with me which I highly appreciate. It was very easy to get to the clinic as it is right next to the train station. The actual procedure itself was quick and I was so pleased wit the result. My nose has always been an insecurity of mine and instantly it was gone. I couldn’t stop looking at my nose in the mirror! I had no bruising but my nose was swollen (which I expected) but it was completely resolved after 2-3 days. It was so natural too which is exactly what I wanted. It was like magic. Thank you so much to Dr Yusra and her team, I can’t wait to see you again!

by FM on Dr. Yusra

Firstly. Location easy to find. The offices are beautiful and the staff do everything possible to make you feel comfortable. The whole process from entering through to seeing Doctor Yusra was smooth and well explained. Every member of her team was caring.

Secondly - Dr Yusra herself. She has a very calming and centred approach. Such a lovely lovely person, she spends time understanding you and your desires and needs. There was never a feeling of being rushed for the next client. 110% the best person I could have found to go through this with. Also for anyone following her on Insta.... be prepared to be a little awestruck 😊

Lastly - the end product. There is no rushing around your treatment options. Everything is clearly explained. AND... I cannot stress enough how much better I feel and look. I wish I’d done this a long time ago. Honestly. If there’s anyone out there like me that’s felt self conscious or just down and wish you could do something... You can. Life is too sort to feel like our appearance is holding us back. Please take the time. I feel like a new person keep checking my appearance cos I can’t believe the results. XX

by natacha on Dr. Yusra

I am beyond happy with the results of my non-surgical Rhinoplasty! This is something I have thought about for years but never had the courage to go ahead with. My 50th Birthday is coming up I thought -its now or never!

Dr Jane at the Harley Street clinic is truly amazing!! I was nervous but she took her time to listen and examine what I would like to achieve. I never dreamt my nose could look so good.! My nose wasn't obviously hooked or bumpy and I explained to Dr Jane that I would like a slightly lifted tip and I would like my nose to look slightly shorter if possible. Dr Jane managed just that -in 15 minutes!. None of my friends have noticed this subtle difference in which is exactly what I wanted from the results.! I can notice the difference when I do my make up in the morning, when I catch myself in a shop window and especially in a photograph and feel so happy!

I can't thank Dr Jane enough!

by Anisha on Dr. Yusra

I’ve always been insecure about my lips and a few days ago Dr Jane worked her magic and enhanced them beautifully. Not only was Dr Jane kind but she really understood the look I was going for and explained every step of the process along the way. I’m literally so so happy with the results and I can’t wait to book my next appointment. Xxx

by Mandy N on Dr. Yusra

Dr Yusra and her wonderful team are amazing, the clinic is always warm and welcoming and I would highly recommend them.

When it comes to looking 10 years younger, Dr Yusra is a Master of Facial artistry, she is amazing at providing results and she is passionate about giving her patients the best advice and treatment options. Dr Yusra is the kindest and most genuine person I have had the pleasure of meeting and she has a magical way of healing your soul too !

I wanted to looker younger without using invasive techniques, so Dr Yusra suggested Thermage for me.

The procedure itself is non-invasive with the added benefit of having absolutely no downtime . Immediately after the treatment my skin was tight and smooth. There was an instant visible lift of my face immediately after, and I am still enjoying the results of the treatment 4 months later.

by Leah on Dr. Yusra

My second time visiting Dr. Yusra for a non surgical nose top up.

This time I had to go in alone because of Covid situation which was a bit daunting.. but I was greeted by such a lovely woman who kept me calm and put me at ease straight away. The new place is really great and allowed me to wait in peace in my own private space before the treatment.

Dr. Yusra was as brilliant as ever and got the job done in no time. I’m such a wimp when it comes to needles and she kept me so calm and made sure not to show me any needles - SHE IS A PRO 👌🏻! ..& once again I am very happy with the results ☺️.

Again, Thank you so much Dr. Yusra, this really helps with my confidence 🙌🏻 See you soon. Leah X

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