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Dr. Yusra
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by Priya on Dr. Yusra

After following Dr Yusra for nearly 5 years, I finally plucked the courage to get my treatment done and I couldn't have been any more pleased! I was extremely nervous, however, with Dr Yusra's calm bedside manner and reassuring words I had every confidence I was in good hands.

Thank you Dr Yusra & team! x

by N on Dr. Yusra

Thank you so much Dr Yusra!

I had a non-surgical nose job and chin augmentation done and the results are amazing. The change is exactly what I wanted.
Dr Yusra took the time to understand what I wanted, she talked me through the procedure and the treatments. She is so amazing, although I was nervous, I had the utmost confidence that I was in good hands - Iโ€™m so happy with the results. 100% recommend Dr Yusra x.

by Sanam on Dr. Yusra

Dr Yusra is an angel, she restored so much confidence in me, and made me very happy, I was very uncomfortable with my appearance and the way I looked for a very long time, my nose was always uneven and made me feel unattractive, I still cant believe how she did it, but i look so much better, I am looking forward to seeing Dr Yusra, after such a negative experience in the past from aesthetics clinic where I was completely let down and left in a bad and dangerous state, Dr Yusra was the only person who actually helped me restore faith back into fixing someone elses mistake, thank you for correcting my nose and the subtle difference has just completely changed appearance, just wow and also my chin looks fantastic i didnt know that it would balance my face so much, also the staff are all so friendly and reassuring, will stay in touch always ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

by T on Dr. Yusra

I came to see Dr Yusra for my tear trough. I have always had thin skin and my dark circles were looking worse and worse. Every time I looked in the mirror, I saw a tired looking lady who hadnโ€™t even reached 30. It wasnโ€™t a good feeling!
Concealer didnโ€™t do anything and I also felt like my face looked really flat from the side. Iโ€™ve always been really conscious about it.
I have been to see Dr Yusra for other concerns like my skin (obagi nuderm is amazing) but she always suggested tear trough filler whenever I went in to see her. I have always been extremely scared to go near that area. I even said no to Dr Yusra because I was that frightened. Dr Yusra being the amazing person that she is didnโ€™t pressurise me and just said think about it. 10 months had gone past and I booked in for the treatment. I was sick of looking tired. Dr Yusra could tell I was scared and reassured me. She explained the procedure and done everything to make me feel comfortable. At one point I even felt slightly faint but she got me a drink and helped me to calm down and made me feel at ease. Dr Yusra asked me if I was okay and then continued with the treatment. Itโ€™s a very strange feeling but a feeling thatโ€™s worth it. 5 mins later Dr Yusra showed me the mirror and I was really amazed. I looked so fresh and felt so good. I felt really happy and wished I had booked in for this when Dr Yusra advised me to. I had slight bruising a couple of days after but arnica gel really helped. So many people started complimenting me and said I looked really good and looked very fresh. I stopped wearing makeup, I felt confident enough to leave the house with just sunscreen (obagi sunscreen is the one). I also used obagi elastiderm which is an eye serum and it keeps the under eye area plump and crease free.
I would definitely recommend the tear trough filler combined with the obagi elastiderm serum. Dr Yusra is truly amazing. She genuinely cares about her patients and I love that about her.

by Yvonne Lloyd on Dr. Yusra

Thank you so much for making me feel amazing. I can't wait to see you again in 4 weeks time. After 20 yrs I can finally smile again with confidence instead of hiding my face away. I just can't stop smiling, I'm even driving on my own, in my car with a permanent smile on my face I'm just so happy. I can't stop looking in the mirror I'm loving what I see. What you have done has improved my outlook on life and given me a new spring in my step. Never stop what you are doing, you are an amazing lady.

by Heena on Dr. Yusra

I was treated by Dr Shahd in London and she is the loveliest! She was so uplifting and boosted my self esteem in just one session. I am so happy with my results after following her advice on the best treatment for me. I look forward to coming back again in the future as I wouldnโ€™t trust anyone else as much!

by Ellie on Dr. Yusra

Thank you so much Dr Yusra + team!

I had a non-surgical nose job and chin augmentation done, and it has blown me away how amazing the results are. The change is exactly what I was hoping for, and more.

Dr Yusra took the time to understand what I wanted to tweak and why. She fully talked me through the procedure and what the treatments would do specific to my facial structure/features. She is so lovely, and although I was nervous I had the utmost confidence that I was in good hands - Iโ€™m so happy with the results. Pure perfection!

I cannot thank you enough X

by Dr Nina Bal on Dr. Yusra

A real gem .
An extraordinary clinician , a very talented colleague, a very knowledgeable dentist and aesthetics practitioner with the kindest heart.
She is an esteemed colleague and a true friend .
Her patients are in the best hands .
I couldnโ€™t recommend her enough.

by AM on Dr. Yusra

I recently started the Obagi skincare regime with Dr Yusra. I had an initial consultation with her about my long standing skin issues and we discussed my options in detail. Dr Yusra is very knowledgable about skin and acne and was open and honest with me about my options. She explained the different products and advised which ones she felt would be best for my skin. I really appreciated the fact that she advised me against certain products (due to other medical considerations) and made me feel comfortable that she wasn't just trying to sell me a whole bunch of expensive skincare. The products have been amazing so far and Dr Yusra has checked up on me regularly to make sure the treatment has been working as expected (despite being in lockdown). She is honestly one of the best medical practitioners out there and I wouldn't consider going elsewhere or trust anyone else. Thank you so much ๐Ÿ™‚

by A Al Salami on Dr. Yusra

Iโ€™ve been to this clinic on numerous occasions and the service from start to finish has been impeccable. Sophie the lovely receptionist did her best to book me in where fit even though my schedule was all over the place. Nicola was very detailed answering all my skin questions during my consultation and Anisa was lovely at my pre op making me feel less nervous before my treatment throughly going through aftercare, she put all my worries at bay. Dr Yusra is outstanding at what she does. With her relaxing ora and light hand I couldnโ€™t be more pleased. I wouldnโ€™t go anywhere else or trust anyone else with my face. Time after time the clinic shines with excellence. Iโ€™ve recommended it to all my family and friends and I cannot wait time return to continue my treatment!! Thank you Dr Yusra and your amazing team! X

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