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Dr. Yusra
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by Ami on Dr. Yusra

I came to Dr Yusra in January ahead of my wedding this April for non surgical rhinoplasty.
The treatment by this lovely lady has made such a positive impact on my wellbeing. I am no longer conscious about what angle I need to stand at when someone is taking a photo of me.
I have had the most positve experience thanks to Dr Yusra's expertise and generally just how much of a lovely human she is!
I would not trust any other person to touch my face.
Thank you so so much!

by KK on Dr. Yusra

I usually forget to write reviews however this is one I could not forget to write! Dr Yusra is incredible at what she does - she is not only a genuinely lovely and kind person but she is also an artist in aesthetics. She made me feel at home as soon as I came into the clinic and took the time to not just treat me as a half an hour time slot patient but as a real human being - something you don’t really get often in the trade. She completed the rhinoplasty in around 5 minutes and it was pain free - she checked on me throughout the whole procedure. I really could not recommend her more - she is amazing at what she does and is completely down to earth and honest with what to expect. The biggest thanks to dr Yusra and her team - you’re all so so wonderful ! X

by Amber Khan on Dr. Yusra

An amazing professional lovely experience, Dr Yusra, is highly skilled and knows what she is doing I have trusted her with my face twice and she never disappoints!! She makes you feel comfortable and confident, I couldn’t trust my face with anyone else, every penny is well spent!!! She is so beautiful inside and out, even her voice is comforting!!! I will be back soon!!

It's a pleasure to have you every time and thank you for flying in from the USA to see us. We appreciate your kind review and your loyal custom. We look forward to seeing you again! - Dr Yusra team

by Sam on Dr. Yusra

If I could give more than 5 stars I would. I have had 2 non surgical rhinoplasty by Dr Yusra and she has changed my life for the better. My confidence is through the roof. I have struggled with my nose and how it looks from its side profile for as long as I can remember. After being bullied about it from a young age it caused me to become incredibly insecure to the point where I hated meeting new people because I genuinely thought they would dislike me because I had a 'big nose'. I would wear my hair in a way that it would flop over my face to hide my nose if someone was stood at the side of me. As a young adult I hated going out with my friends because I would be so self conscious that boys would think I was ugly or gross if they saw me from the side or that girls would make sly comments, for myself the thought of people seeing my nose with a big bump in it was too much it made me so so upset. I first went to Dr Yusra in feb 2019 and she completely changed my life!! I no longer even think about how I look from the side because I know I look cute after my non surgical rhinoplasty. We discussed my concerns and she made my nose become the nose I have always dreamed of I could literally cry thinking about what she has made possible I can't explain how much more confident and beautiful I feel, I literally don't even think about my nose when people see me from the side anymore.
I have since been back in jan 2020 to have my nose topped up. I am incredibly happy with the results from both my visits and will continue to come back to keep my nose looking cute. I would highly recommend Dr Yusra and her team to everyone they are such a lovely team and Dr Yusra herself is an absolute angel. I can't thank Dr Yusra enough she has changed my life. xx

by Laura on Dr. Yusra

I had a consultation with Dr. Yusra and had my chin & lips treated by Dr. Shahd both of whom were incredibly kind and attentive. They really took the time and wanted to understand what I'm looking to get treated, and gave their honest opinion on what they think would be the best treatment plan for me - even when it meant doing less, which I really appreciate as it feels they truly care for the customer and are not upselling to make more money.

There is a lot to improve on the operations side of things & customer experience outside the treatment room. When arriving for my consultation appointment (Harley Street) I walked up to a reception desk and was guided towards seats in the waiting area. The reception also instructed that Dr. Yusra's employee was sitting there and she's the one I should talk to. As she was in the middle of a conversation / payment process with another customer I took a seat to wait. 20 minutes after my scheduled appointment time I still had not even been acknowledged. While I was still waiting another customer scheduled after me arrived, at which point the employee was finishing with the customer before. The reception then notified the employee that there's two customers for her in the waiting room. Now the customer who had arrived after me was clearly a regular customer/friend and was very friendly with the employee, and they then continued to chat while I was still waiting to even be properly acknowledged. The employee did apologise for the wait and was very polite and nice as well when I was finally taken to the treatment room, but honestly had the appointment been for anything else - anything of less significance to me or anything I'd be more willing to change providers in - I would have left before even getting to the treatment room as I felt very ignored. Not due to the waiting time, but due to having no idea what's happening as my arrival was not acknowledged at all, almost as if they were not expecting me.

In my consultation appointment I ordered Obagi skincare products for which I paid for during the consultation. The products were due to be delivered to my home address and so when a week later I had not received the products or heard anything I got a bit worried and emailed the clinic to make sure I had understood correctly & to confirm my address. I received an email the next day confirming the products were ordered from a pharmacy and should reach the clinic today, after which they will be dispatched to me asap. Three weeks later I still had not received the products or heard anything so I sent another email asking if it would be possible to get a tracking number for the delivery, at this point I was already very worried. I was emailed over a tracking number the next day, which showed the products had been posted the day before my second email, and they did get to me in two days. If for some reason the process of getting the products to the customer is this long (a month), it should at the very least be mentioned at the point of sale to manage expectations. I was so worried as I had paid hundreds of pounds for the products and had no idea where the products are. After my first email I expected it to be a few more days, but instead the products were not dispatched to me for another 2 weeks. Maybe this was because the whole clinic was off for Christmas holiday (this is just a guess, I wouldn't know because I was never communicated any reason), but if that was the case the reply to my first email should have mentioned that if the products don't reach the clinic before the start of holidays, the products will unfortunately be sent forward to me only after the holidays. That I would have understood and wouldn't have spent my holiday worrying.

As this was my very first time having fillers, I was quite worried when the swelling & bruising became very apparent already a few hours after the treatment and I wasn't sure if that amount of reaction is normal or not. As it was during out of office hours I replied to the aftercare instruction email with a brief explanation of my concerns and a picture. I was emailed back the same evening asking for a picture for assessment. Though I had already sent one in the initial email I emailed the picture over again (which was fine). Some hours later I woke up in the night, had received no reply to my picture, and felt the swelling was even worse and lips very lumpy so I continued the email chain with another picture so they could assess if the development is normal. I never received a reply. As over the course of the second day my lips & chin didn't get more swollen and instead the swelling seemed to calm down a bit I didn't keep chasing for a reply, but it is quite horrible to be scared not knowing if your reaction to the fillers is normal and not feel like support is available. If there's not enough resources to cover customer enquiries post treatment you might at least consider offering other kinds of points for referral to cut down the amount of questions, for example a section on the website with pictures of what a normal healing process might look like and pictures of what would be considered a complication. So people with normal reactions aren't as quick to contact you, which frees up resources to act quickly when someone might be experiencing complications and in general to get back to the people who are worried enough to get in contact. I can't stress how important that is for customer experience.

As for the results, I'm currently 10 days post treatment and still have a small bruise on my chin and a noticeable lump on my lip, but the noticeable swelling is gone. As the aftercare instructions note it to take 4-6 weeks for the final results to show I trust the lump on my lip is still to disappear. Having said all of that, both doctors were absolutely amazing and I do trust their knowledge, eye for aesthetics & ethics. I'm very happy with my chin and hope for the lump on my lip to still disappear, and assuming it does I'll very happily book with Dr. Shahd again.

Dear Laura,

Thank you for taking the time to write this review and for your constructive feedback which we always value as this enables us to improve our processes.

Please allow me to acknowledge all concerns raised.

Firstly, I am so sorry to hear that the receptionist did not acknowledge you or feedback to Dr Shahd upstairs that you had arrived for your appointment. This is not in line with the service we wish to provide. We have fed this back to the team such that they can ensure this does not happen again.

I understand your products were delayed over Christmas. Please note this affected all Obagi providers across the country as the pharmacy that supply it were low in stock (as they come from Guernsey) and the order period pre and post Christmas saw a surge in orders. The pharmacy that provides Obagi products were also closed for the Christmas and new year period thus compounding the delay. As a premium Obagi account and the largest account in the North West, we have first priority from the pharmacy when the products come back in stock, and we are aware some clinics were waiting 8 weeks to receive their prescribed order. This in turn affected our prescription orders which are made on a patient to patient basis as we await the pharmacy dispensing the items to us to send to you. Not withstanding the above, you are absolutely right that you should have been kept informed of any delays so as to ease your concerns. This again has been fed back to the team such that we can learn from this and improve the communication process.

With regards to your concerns regarding lumps in your lips following treatment with Dr Shahd, please rest assured this is normal in the immediate post treatment period and usually settles with time. I can see there were several emails exchanged about this though I acknowledge your concern of the overnight pain and swelling. We advise all patients that if there is any urgent concern (as stated in your aftercare email) to kindly email us with the subject heading "urgent" as the emails are monitored round the clock for any urgent emails so that we can provide you with prompt response and aftercare. We also provide patients with a dedicated after care email which is monitored by all the doctors in the team which is [email protected] We also have a new customer services liason manager starting next week to help streamline our processes and provide dedicated one to one follow up care.

I am so sorry to hear that you have had lumps - these usually settle down with massage and once the product integrates at the 4 week mark. If there is any ongoing issue the team are happy to see you again to correct and resolve any issue as your wellbeing is our primary concern. We have called and emailed you to arrange a follow up appointment at your earliest convenience with Dr Shahd to assess and treat as necessary and I have no doubt you will be left with a beautiful result.

Thank you again for taking the time to write to us and allowing us the opportunity to reflect and grow. Whilst it is disappointing for us to hear of your dissatisfaction, your concerns are all valid and you have my unreserved apologies for your experience thus far. Through constructive feedback we are able to reevaluate and implement changes to improve your, and all our patient experiences, which is something we take very seriously.

We hope to see you again and hope we can turn the experience round for you.

Please do not hesitate to contact me directly at any time to discuss any further concerns.
Warm regards
Dr Yusra

by Z on Dr. Yusra

Dr Yusra honestly is a beautiful angel, she makes you feel so good about yourself. She takes all your worries away from you and makes you feel so comfortable. She’s extremely trustworthy and whatever she does, the outcome is always perfect! She has a such a loving heart and soul. She deserves to be blessed all the time. Anisa also has a such a beautiful heart, she’s very caring and will keep you informed of whatever’s happening, ensuring you don’t feel uncomfortable. I cant thank both these ladies enough for being so amazing!

by Marie on Dr. Yusra

Ive waited quite a long time before adding a review as I wanted to see how the results would evolve with time and to be honest... I couldn't be happier with my results!

I became a regular patient of Dr Yusra as she is the ONLY one I would trust with my face. She has this knowledge and this kindness not everyone has, and for this kind of treatments it is so important to feel safe, taken care of and to actually feel that you matter.
I live in Paris which is a city where you do not miss anything. There are plenty of doctors, surgeons, practicians. but yet, I prefer to travel all the way to England to be with Dr Yusra as I know I won't be disappointed. She is worth all the money and the travels.
I have done a chin treatment, lips, nasolabial fold and nose treatment twice with her and I highly recommend her if you wish to do any of those treatment. (bear in mind that for lips treatment, you may be able to do a tweak after a few weeks/months as for first timers, it can disolve quickly, she actually explained that to me before the treatment, I am very happy with her honesty and how she cared about me.)

Thankyou Dr Yusra for everything! You are very appreciated.

by Simran on Dr. Yusra

Dr Yusra is very polite, respectful and caring. This is the first time I had ever done a non-surgical rhinoplasty, and she made me feel very comfortable. Her assistant Anisa was also very polite and talked me through the procedure and asked me if I had any questions. Anisa kindly asked me if I had ate before I came, in case I fainted.

I would highly recommend Dr Yusra, she is skillful and talented.
Definitely going to book another appointment in future.
She made me get my confidence back and I don't feel self consciousness anymore. She's very highly educated in aesthetics, and I had full trust in her.
She will never disappoint, aims to achieve the best result,

by Elif on Dr. Yusra

I recently had my follow up appointment for my nose with Dr Yusra . I was in love with my results initially, however after a few weeks I noticed the bump slightly coming back so I contacted the clinic and they were very understanding, they scheduled a free appointment as soon as I send them photos of my nose. Arriving to the clinic, everyone was once again so kind and welcoming and made me feel so comfortable. I honestly could not say one bad word about my experience at the clinic, I could not recommend them enough. Dr Yusra’s work is unmatchable and the confidence boost it has given me is indescribable, I am so thankful, she got rid of years worth of insecurities in a matter of minutes. As a person she is so kind hearted and lovely, she always puts your needs and concerns first. Thank you so much once again, you are the best! 🙂

by S K on Dr. Yusra

I’m not one to write reviews but I honestly cannot thank Dr Yusra enough for the amazing job she did on my nose! It has totally boosted my confidence and made the 2 hour trip totally worth it!

I want to thank the ever so beautiful Anisa for her calm and caring nature. She made me feel at home in clinic prepping me with all the information I needed and answered every question and concern I had, putting me at comfort going ahead with the procedure. I can’t thank her enough for her help and service!

I’ll definitely be back to see you lovely ladies soon!

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