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Dr. Yusra
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by Jodie on Dr. Yusra

I had profile balancing with Dr Yusra and it was the best thing I have ever done for myself. I was worried that it wouldn’t look natural or that I wouldn’t look like myself anymore but that really isn’t the case. I look and feel amazing. It has taken time to adjust but I think when you have an insecurity for such a long time it’s kind of expected. The whole experience with Dr Yusra was a delight, she is truly lovely and I will be returning.

by Alison on Dr. Yusra

I was particularly anxious yesterday but Dr Yusra really comforted me, took her time and made me feel at ease. Her service and mannerism is wonderful, always happy to explain and talk through any concerns. My lips look incredible, I’m so happy. I would recommend her to everyone!!

by Michael on Dr. Yusra

Incredible service! Dr. Yusra has changed my life and I’m eternally grateful! Worth the travel!

by Afsheen on Dr. Yusra

Dr Yusra is a true professional, i have been so self conscious about my nose my whole life and she has made me feel like a better version of myself, i would recommend her everybday of the week as she is essentially a miracle worker! If you are thinking about making an appointment just do it as she will talk through all your concerns and do the best that she can to fix to the best of her ability, i am so happy i visited her as every day looking in the mirror gives me that little bit of extra self confidence.

by sousan aetekal on Dr. Yusra

Thank you so much Dr Yusra! You made me feel at ease and comfortable, This really is a procedure of a life time and highly recommend anyone who is doubtful to go for it, The results are outstanding.

by Zaid on Dr. Yusra

Dr. Yusra is amazing at her craft. She really knows what she's doing, I'm sure her work speaks for itself but I just had to leave a review as I couldn't be happier with my results!

by ZK on Dr. Yusra

I feel this may be my second time to submit a review - who knows! However, to feel happy after Dr. Yusra's treatments are an understatement! There is no feeling of doubt with her, I am soooooooooooo glad to have been treated by her and would highly recommend her. Blessed to have met you! Still loving my nose and can't wait to see you soon again.
Keep rocking, Dr. Yusra!

by Celine on Dr. Yusra

I had a indentation in my nose that made it look very asymmetrical, I’ve been wanting a non surgical solution for about 3 years which means I’ve done an immense amount of research before deciding on Dr Yusra. Not only are her and her staff lovely but they managed to fix an insecurity of mine I’ve had for years, and for that I am incredibly grateful. They also took care of my mum who needed to fill a small gap above her nose so It could appear a slope. Now we both have beautiful straight noses and the thing about this procedure is that it’s so natural!There’s so little down time that u can just go about your day. I just want to say Thankyou Dr Yusra and that you will be gaining a regular patient at your clinic.

by Mari on Dr. Yusra

I am absolutely gobsmacked on what a FANTASTIC JOB Dr.Yusra did on my nose. I went in for a non surgical nose job and absolutely did not think it would look as good as it does. Dr. Yusra was soo professional and humble- her PA was such a great character, they both made me feel at ease instantly. The difference between Dr. Y and others is that she actually cares about her patients. The procedure was quick, painless & she is such a talented woman she took be from being the ugly duckling to a swan in less than 10 minutes. I am still in shock at how beautiful my nose looks. NOTE TO ALL: If you are having doubts about undergoing this procedure due to lack of trust in someone touching your face, DON'T! Choose Dr. Yusra & your life will change. I can't describe in words how greatful I am. Thank you soo much x x

by Melinda Money on Dr. Yusra

Disappointed in the experience, the cost and result! After having the initial consultation it took 2 injections in the bridge of my nose and one right at the end. Dr Yusra confirmed the filer was coming out of the top of my nose so most of the filer was injected at the tip. This cost 695 which in my opinion was not complex and therefore should have only been 595 as per her web site. Other places in London charge around 495 for this procedure so not sure why she is so expensive. After 6 weeks I emailed as you can still see the ball of filer at the end of my nose and in fact my nose doesn’t look that different. Dr Yusra has agreed to see me again for a top up so I’ll see the results of this before I give a better rating.

Dear Melinda, I am sorry to hear you were disappointed with your results. This is the first negative review and we take it seriously. I would like to take this opportunity to address your points and reassure you accordingly. All our costs reflect the extent of years of training, exceptional skill, safest premium fillers used, high standards of care, meticulous performance of procedures, and reflect in the high volume of returning patients we have yearly to our clinic. Costs of the treatment will thus vary clinic to clinic depending on experience, expertise and of course products used- certainly not all hyaluronic acid fillers are the same, but the products prescribed to our patients are always only the very best with the highest safety data and lowest risk profile. To clarify regarding the cost, I wonder if you misread the costs on the website? The cost of the non surgical rhinoplasty is clearly stated on the website under the prices section to be £595 in Liverpool, and £675 in London, and can see that you paid the normal price of £675 in London. Do note all returning patients also benefit from a 10% yearly discount thereafter. The beauty of the non surgical rhinoplasty is as you say, that it is only usually 3 injection points, meaning minimal pain and swelling with fantastic results time and again. Of course, results will vary patient to patient depending on tissue type, and past history. If for example a patient has had trauma to the nose, there maybe scar tissue causing the skin to stick down onto the cartilage, there maybe little space to allow the filler to expand the tissues and shape into what we would like on the first session. If the filler has no space to go, we don't force it in, as this will ultimately result in complications and we do not compromise your safety ever. It is better therefore to respect the tissue, and inject what is safe to do so, allowing the tissues to conform and expand gently, and rather you come back for more tweaking than cause problems with overfilling in the first instance. As also stated on the website under the FAQ section of the non surgical rhinoplasty, 1 in 10 patients will have mild swelling on the day and may find that their result changes over 4 weeks, in which case we
offer a free of charge follow up and top up at or after the 4 week mark to compensate for this swelling. I can see you have liased with the clinic and we have offered you a free of charge top up appointment as per our protocols and standards of care. We look forward to welcoming you back soon for this 🙂 Warm regards

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