At a glance

  • Treatment time Eyes - 40 minutes, Face - 60 minutes, Face & Neck - 90 minutes
  • Pain Mild, may feel some slight discomfort.
  • Results Patients are recommended to have three treatments, three months apart. Optimum results will be seen at nine months, although you will see an improvement at three months.
  • Results Duration Results are permanent, however a retreatment every year to maintain results is recommended because as we age we continue to lose collagen.
  • Price Eyes - £395, Face or Neck - £995, Face and Neck- £1595

What is Ultracel Skin Tightening Facelift?

Ultracel offers a completely needle-free non-surgical facelift and body skin tightening and lifting, as well as addressing fine lines and wrinkles.

ULTRAcel delivers 3 different modalities through one very clever system; Grid Fractional Radio frequency (GFR), Fractional Radio frequency Microneedling (FRM) and High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (FUS). These modalities are used in combination or as stand-alone treatments. ULTRAcel achieves a combination of short and long term results with minimal or no downtime.

It is clinically proven to stimulate collagen and tighten sagging tissues, and is ideal for anyone wanting to lift and define the jawline, or lift the eyebrows that drop with age, without needles and without surgery. ULTRAcel works on the SMAS layer, giving your skin a fresh, radiant, smooth look and lifting results previously only achievable by a surgical facelift.

In the same treatment session you will receive two treatments – the Ultrasound and the radiofrequency – in one. This means ultimate lifting, tightening, and collagen formation. The medical grade micro needling is designed to target all layers of skin and can also be performed with grid fractional radiofrequency to treat acne scars, enlarged pores and crepey wrinkled skin on the eyes, neck and decolletage. Treatments suit individual patient needs and immediate, long lasting results, with no to minimal downtime. The skin will begin to feel smoother and tighter after the first treatment and results will continue to improve for up to six months, increasing with additional treatments.

We usually recommend 1-2 treatments depending on the extent of saggy skin or heavy jowls, and between 1-3 sessions if there is acne scarring.

ULTRAcel is a fantastic treatment to treat all anti-aging concerns – from textured, dull skin to deep wrinkles and loss of laxity. It is the complete facelift.

How it Works

The radio frequency delivers heat, which affects collagen in the deeper layers of the skin. This causes deep structures of the skin to tighten, and, over time, new and remodelled collagen is produced. Ultrasound waves are then beamed to a controlled targeted depth where thermal heat energy tightens and contracts underlying tissue, right down to the muscle layer. You start to see an immediate lift to the jowls, jawline and an eyebrow lift to refresh saggy eyebrows. Thermal deep tissue treatments stimulate the growth of new healthy collagen for prolonged and more intensive tightening. The medical grade micro needling component of the treatment with the radiofrequency uses unique technology to permanently break down scarring, unravelling old scarred tissue and causing new collagen to form in its place. This is the best treatment for acne scars, alongside subcision and skinboosters for ultimate hydration and smoothing. The sublative radiofrequency can be used as a standalone treatment to banish and smooth wrinkles around the under eye area and tighten enlarged pores.

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What will Ultracel do for me?

ULTRAcel is the ultimate treatment for working on and within your skin

producing exceptional results with little or no downtime. ULTRAcel can help to:

  • Reduce sagging by tightening your skin, typically jowls & neck, and eyebrows.
  • Reduce fine lines & wrinkles.
  • Improve overall skin texture & tone.
  • Restore a youthful & smoother appearance.
  • Diminish large pores.
  • Treat acne & acne scarring.

It also works on a layer of the tissue that is generally only improved by surgery, the SMAS (Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System).

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Gentle tightening and lifting

Since offering this treatment at Dr Yusra Clinic for almost 2 years now, I have heard positive feedback and saw great results from our patients. It was unquestionable for me to give this treatment a go. I’m all about prevention and natural enhancements. ... READ MORE

Gentle tightening and lifting

Since offering this treatment at Dr Yusra Clinic for almost 2 years now, I have heard positive feedback and saw great results from our patients. It was unquestionable for me to give this treatment a go. I’m all about prevention and natural enhancements. Ultherapy achieves this and more. Plus it’s injection free! It allows gentle tightening and lifting effect by the high intensity focus ultrasound with minimal pain and downtime. You can expect to start seeing results after about 2 months as new collagen is stimulated. Maintenance treatment can be done 6-12monthly. I already look forward to booking in for my next session.

Frequently Asked Questions

The results from these treatments are variable, depending on the original quality of the skin and degree of damage to be treated. The skin will begin to feel smoother and tighter after the first treatment. Results from the treatment will continue to improve for up to six months, increasing with additional treatments.

Treatments are specific to you. Dr Yusra or one of her team will discuss your goals with you and how many treatments it will take for you to achieve the look you want. Most patients generally take between 1-3 treatments.

It is recommended to use a medically proven skin care regime such as Obagi.

Always use sunscreen (a minimum of SPF30) to avoid sun damage.

With GFR and FUS you can return to your normal activities immediately with minimal to no downtime. The FRM treatment may take between 3 hours and 3 days before normal activities are resumed.

Side effects are rare, have a chat with your doctor if you have any concerns.

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Alicia Redgrave
Alicia Redgrave
I visited Dr Yusra’s clinic for non surgical rhinoplasty. I was so impressed with the whole experience from start to finish. Dr Yusra and her team were extremely professional, listening to my concerns and what I hoped to achieve from the procedure. I’d like to give a special mention to Lucy who looked after me pre and post treatment, she was so friendly, knowledgeable and made me feel completely at ease. I look forward to my next visit.
lucy Gibson
lucy Gibson
Best clinic ever
J Hassan
J Hassan
September 2023: I’ve been going to Dr Yusra’s clinic for the last nine months and can honestly say the change in my skin is so apparent that people on Teams calls at work tell me I’m glowing. Dr Lauren has been doing my skin treatments since May with Co2 laser (following secret pro with Olivia) and 3 rounds of subcision with skin boosters. Dr Lauren takes time to explain the science behind the treatments before we do them so I have a realistic idea of the healing and results process. Dr Yusra is also always on hand for any queries too and as soon as you enter the Liverpool clinic, you’re given such a warm and friendly greeting by the team. Despite it being far from me, it is without a doubt worth the drive to get high quality results. Update: I've had two sessions of SecretPro with Olivia and can see a huge difference in my skin so far. Olivia is so professional, patient and took the time to go through the process before and after treatment to ensure I was comfortable. Couldn't recommend Olivia and the team at Dr Yusra's enough! Having been to Dr Yusra’s clinic before, I’ve always found them to have a high standard of care. I’ve recently been in contact with Olivia to help me with the next stage of my skin journey and have been so happy with the helpful advice and assistance she’s given me. I decided to start treatment at Dr Yusra’s clinic because the treatments being offered are different to those I’ve seen elsewhere with really impressive results on other patients. I trust I’m in good hands and excited to continue this journey to finally sorting out my skin!!
Pavendip Kaur
Pavendip Kaur
Really happy with the treatment I received. Thankyou
Emma Hoy
Emma Hoy
I had 3 areas of Botox as well as masseter Botox with Dr Emily and she is so lovely, listens to any queries you have (even if you think it’s a silly question) and puts you at ease through your procedure. I have a lot of pain in my jaw when eating and grinding my teeth in my sleep, Dr Emily was able to talk me through the procedure for helping this and since having masseter Botox I haven’t had pain while eating and there’s no pain when I wake up. Would definite recommend the clinic and Dr Emily.
shiraz baqi
shiraz baqi
I went to see Dr. Emily for a non-surgical nose job, and I couldn't be happier with how everything turned out. Dr. Emily was super caring and understanding, and she made me feel totally comfortable. The results are amazing, and I already feel so much more confident. I'd definitely recommend Dr. Emily – she's really awesome at what she does!
ayesha a
ayesha a
Me and my sister have recently had 2 treatments with the lovely Holly who is one of the skin therapists at the clinic, and we loved getting our treatments by her!! she was fantastic and stayed so professional and caring through out the treatments.. and quickly put us at ease as we were abit nervous to begin with! All I can say is you're in good hands here and I cannot recommend Dr Yusra’s clinic enough! all the staff members are so kind and accommodating cant wait to come back for more treatments x
I have had treatments from Dr Yusra and team over the past few years and despite having to travel quite a distance for this clinic it is 10000% worth the journey. They are careful and expert in the treatments they deliver, and I always feel in safe hands. I would like to thank Dr Emily especially, I have not visited a different clinician or clinic since first seeing her for my treatments and I am always very happy with the results. As well as being talented she is just lovely and a pleasure to visit.
Matt Byrne
Matt Byrne
Dr Yusra and the Gang and the best in the biz. High flyers, they are wildcats who know exactly what to do, whatever you need whether it’s skincare, dental or just needing a confidence boost. They’re the best in the biz.
I have been with Dr Yusra for 3 years, and Ive never looked back, with some small tweaks she allowed me to feel confident again. If anyone is hesitant or looking for the perfect aesthetician I couldn’t recommend this clinic enough! Thank you!