CO2 Laser Treatment

A great option for youthful skin and the removal of benign skin growths like warts, moles, and skin tags.

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CO2 Laser Treatment

At a glance

  • Treatment time 30 minutes to 1 hour
  • Pain None to moderate discomfort
  • Results Up to 3 weeks
  • Results Duration 3-5 years
  • Price Depends on treatment plan
CO2 Laser Treatment

What is CO2 Laser Treatment?

We at Dr Yusra use a CO2 laser, short for Carbon Dioxide laser, to treat various skin treatments. This laser emits a concentrated beam of light that targets water molecules in the skin, causing controlled damage to specific layers.

We use CO2 lasers for skin resurfacing procedures to treat a range of concerns, including wrinkles, fine lines, acne scarring, uneven skin tone, and sun damage.

CO2 laser resurfacing can lead to smoother, firmer, and more youthful-looking skin by precisely removing damaged skin cells and stimulating collagen production.

CO2 lasers can also be used for more targeted treatments, such as the removal of benign skin growths like warts, moles, and skin tags.

One of the key benefits of CO2 laser technology is its ability to deliver customisable treatments, allowing dermatologists to adjust the intensity and depth of the laser based on each patient’s specific needs and desired outcomes.

How Does CO2 Laser Work?

A CO2 laser for skin works by emitting a concentrated beam of infrared light at a wavelength of 10,600 nanometers, which is highly absorbed by water molecules in the skin.

This interaction between the laser light and water creates heat, leading to controlled thermal damage to the targeted skin tissue.

The CO2 laser can be adjusted to deliver pulses of varying durations and intensities, allowing dermatologists to customise treatments based on the specific needs of each patient.

For a laser skin resurfacing treatment, the laser is typically used to ablate (vaporise) the outer layers of the skin, removing damaged or aged tissue and stimulating the production of new collagen fibres.

The thermal energy from the laser also has a tightening effect on the skin, which helps to improve overall skin texture and firmness.

Additionally, the heat generated by the laser promotes the body’s natural healing process, leading to the formation of new, healthier skin cells.

In more targeted treatments, such as the removal of skin growths or the treatment of certain skin conditions, the CO2 laser can be used to precisely target and destroy abnormal tissue while minimising damage to surrounding healthy skin.

Overall, the CO2 laser works by harnessing the power of light energy to rejuvenate and improve the appearance of the skin, providing patients with smoother, firmer, and more youthful-looking results.

CO2 Laser Treatment

How is the Treatment Administered?

On the day of your treatment, we at Dr Yusra will thoroughly cleanse your skin to remove any makeup, dirt, or oil. Topical anaesthetic cream or local anaesthesia may be applied to the treatment area to minimise discomfort during the procedure.

During your treatment, you will be provided with protective eyewear to shield your eyes from the laser light. We then use a handheld device to deliver the CO2 laser energy to the targeted areas of the skin.

The laser emits pulses of light that are absorbed by the water molecules in the skin, causing controlled thermal damage.

After the CO2 laser treatment, your skin may appear red, swollen, and sensitive, similar to a sunburn.

Patients are provided with post-treatment instructions, which may include applying soothing ointments or moisturisers, using cold compresses to reduce swelling, and avoiding sun exposure.

It’s essential to follow these instructions carefully to promote healing and minimise the risk of complications.

CO2 Laser Treatments

Side Effects of CO2 Laser Treatment

While CO2 laser treatment for skin can offer significant improvements in skin texture and appearance, it may also be associated with some side effects, which can vary depending on the intensity of the treatment and individual skin sensitivity.

Common side effects of CO2 laser treatment for skin include redness and swelling immediately following the procedure. This means that the treated area of the skin may appear red and swollen. This is a normal reaction and typically subsides within a few days to a week.

Patients may experience some degree of pain or discomfort during and after the CO2 laser treatment.

Topical anaesthetic creams or local anaesthesia are often used to minimise discomfort during the procedure, and over-the-counter pain relievers can help manage any post-treatment discomfort.

As the skin heals, patients may experience itching or a tingling sensation in the treated area. This is a common part of the healing process and usually resolves on its own over time.

The treated area of the skin may peel or develop crusts as it heals. This is a normal response to the laser treatment and is part of the skin’s natural renewal process.

Moreover, CO2 laser treatment can sometimes cause temporary changes in skin pigmentation, such as hyperpigmentation (darkening of the skin) or hypopigmentation (lightening of the skin).

These changes are typically temporary and resolve as the skin heals, but in some cases, they may be permanent.

While rare, there is a small risk of infection following CO2 laser treatment. It’s essential to follow post-treatment care instructions carefully to minimise the risk of infection and promote proper healing.

Co2 Laser

When Will I See Results?

You may start to see changes as quickly as 3 weeks after your treatment, and this will last around 3-5 years.


How Many Treatments Will I Need?

This depends on your personal goals and treatment plan, which will be discussed during your consultation before the treatment.

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Kinga Podczaszynska
Kinga Podczaszynska
30 April 2024
I would like to say big thank you for Dr Yusra for today’s appointment and your professional opinion , definitely recommend
Mevish Arif
Mevish Arif
29 April 2024
Very good experience, made me feel very comfortable . Realistic expectations and Dr Yusra has a good eye and procedure was done professionally with the utmost care .
Hafsa Noreen
Hafsa Noreen
18 April 2024
I visited the Liverpool clinic for NSR treatment with Dr Lauren she was lovely welcoming and very talented. She went through everything with me in great detail and ensured I was comfortable and getting the right treatment, we discussed my concerns before the treatment so I felt very safe and knew I was in the best hands. I’m happy with the outcome and not to forget the follow up care and call which I didn’t expect. My advice is if you are thinking of getting any treatment then stick with the best professionals in the business and Dr Lauren is an asset to Dr Yusra’s team.
Beth Snape
Beth Snape
24 March 2024
I have been going to dr yursa since 2022 starting with nose filler and now nose and chin filler and facials! The only team I would trust with my face super helpful and advise on treatments personalised to you and have seen massive improvements in my confidence but also visually with my skin! Thankyou x
18 March 2024
I had a consultation and enzyme peel with Olivia. The consultation was very informative and helped tweak my skincare routine. The enzyme peel has rejuvenated my skin and was very relaxing.
E Khan
E Khan
10 March 2024
Had very bad hallow eyes and dr yusra and her team were amazing with the process. Being a man it can feel uncomfortable to consider these procedures but they do everything to make it as smooth and comfortable as possible. Listen to the advice! Dr yusra analysed my face and realised it was cheeks that needed some help and not the under eyes, its given me such a fresh younger look and I couldn't be happier with the results!
29 February 2024
Title: Exceptional Aesthetic Experience I recently had an aesthetic treatment at Dr Yusra Clinic, and I cannot express enough how pleased I am with the entire experience. From the moment I walked in, the staff displayed a level of professionalism and kindness that instantly put me at ease. Dr. Yusra, in particular, went above and beyond in ensuring my comfort. She took the time to calm my nerves and spent an extended period discussing my reasons for seeking the treatment. What truly set her apart was her thorough explanation of the treatment process. She didn't just outline the procedure; she made sure I understood every aspect, leaving no room for uncertainties. Dr. Yusra's genuine care for her patients was evident throughout the consultation. I felt valued and reassured, not just as a client, but as someone she genuinely cared about. She took the time to discuss various products, explaining why each was the best fit for me. Additionally, she offered valuable advice on other concerns I had, demonstrating a holistic approach to my well-being. One of the most comforting aspects of the consultation was the lack of pressure to proceed with the treatment. Dr. Yusra allowed me the time to carefully assess the costs involved and make a decision that I felt comfortable with. Her advice was not only honest but also presented in a factual and easily understandable manner. In conclusion, my experience at Dr Yusra Clinic exceeded my expectations. Dr. Yusra and the entire staff made me feel more important than just a client, providing a level of personalised care that is truly commendable. I highly recommend their services for anyone seeking not only effective aesthetic treatments but also a compassionate and considerate approach to patient care.
Ariana Fraval
Ariana Fraval
27 February 2024
Wow well what can I say? What a lovely lady Dr Yusra is and so talented! She went through everything with me in SUCH detail and analysis in a way I have not experienced before, so before the treatment I felt very safe and sure she would do a great job. She did! I’m so happy with the teaks to my nose which has been wonky for years after several breaks. She also covered my whole face and discussed many areas where there was volume loss, or over active muscles etc. She was wonderful and I will definitely be booking in with her again! Thankyou SO much Dr Yusra!
Jemma Milne
Jemma Milne
22 February 2024
I have met Dr Yusra on 3 occasions now and each time she has immediately made me feel at ease, she is so friendly and approachable and has advised me on exactly what treatments would suit me personally. She has maintained a natural look which I love and her knowledge is second to none. I would highly recommended Dr Yusra to anyone. A stunning clinic.
Anisa Ali
Anisa Ali
19 February 2024
Dr Yusra was absolutely amazing at the liverpool clinic. From the staff on reception, all the way to the entire procedure being completed, it was a very swift and efficient service. She made me feel completely comfortable and explained everything very well. Thank you for the amazing service.