What is a Skin Peel?

A skin peel uses a chemical agent to exfoliate the outer layers of the skin and stimulate cell turnover, revealing fresh, radiant skin. Skin peels are ideal for refreshing and revitalising skin that looks tired, dull and lacking in radiance. They can also be used to treat acne, sun damage, pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles and scarring.

How does it Work?

Skin peels remove damaged outer layers of skin to reveal smoother, younger-looking skin beneath. 

Depending on the depth of the peel, we use glycolic acid, trichloroacetic acid (TCA), salicylic, mandelic acid and lactic acid based skin peels.

How is the Treatment Administered?

Following a full consultation, assessment and diagnosis, the correct peel will be prescribed for you, depending on your skin type and skin concern. The skin is cleansed and prepared, before the peel is applied. The peeling agent will remain on the skin for 5-15 mins depending on which peel is being used, before being washed off. Your skin is then moisturised and protected with a broad spectrum SPF.

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Frequently Asked Questions

After the peel it is normal to experience some redness. The dead skin then starts to peel 3-7 days following the treatment. Some peels are considered ‘no downtime’, where brighter skin is revealed without any visible peeling at all.

We offer a range of skin peels including the Obagi blue peel radiance, the TCA blue peel, Enerpeel, the 3 step peel by ZO medical and the controlled depth peel. This means we can offer you the right peel for your skin condition.

Some peels are so superficial that they require no preparation and have no downtime. Other deeper peels may require you to prepare your skin with appropriate skin care 6-8 weeks beforehand. Dr Yusra or one of her team will discuss this with you at your consultation.

Yes, when applied correctly by a trained practitioner, they are safe.

Peels are not suitable whilst pregnant and breastfeeding. Some skin types are not suitable for deep skin peels.

Skin Peels

Treatment Summary

  • Treatment time 30 mins
  • Pain Mild
  • Results Radiant smoother skin, clears acne and pigmentation, lines and wrinkles.
  • Results Duration From £80
  • Price From £80

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