At a glance

  • Treatment time 6 months (average)
  • Pain Mild temporary discomfort.
  • Results At the end of the treatment, on average 6 months.
  • Results Duration As long as you wear your retainer
  • Price From £3950
Dr Yusra Invisalign in Liverpool

Invisalign at Dr Yusra

Welcome to a brighter, more confident smile—right here, using Invisalign Liverpool! At our clinic, Dr. Yusra is your trusted Invisalign provider, dedicated to transforming your smile discreetly and comfortably. No matter your age, whether you’re in your 30s, 40s, or 50s, we provide options for adults year-round.

Instead of being stuck in traditional ways and getting metal braces fitted that make you feel self-conscious, Invisalign offers a clear alternative that fits seamlessly into your daily life. No more metal wires or brackets—just a nearly invisible solution tailored to you.

With years of experience and a passion for creating beautiful smiles, we understand the importance of individualised care. Dr. Yusra will work closely with you to craft a personalised treatment plan that achieves your dream smile.

Our Liverpool clinic offers a warm and welcoming environment, making your dental journey a comfortable and stress-free experience. We’re here to support you every step of the way, from your initial consultation to the final reveal of your stunning new smile.

Woman Using Invisalign

What is Invisalign?

Our Liverpool Invisalign treatment is done to move your teeth for a straighter smile using a series of custom-made transparent aligners, resembling those of invisible braces.

Invisalign is rapidly gaining popularity as an excellent alternative to traditional fixed braces. It is a safe, predictable, and discrete way of achieving the straight smile you’ve been longing for.

Results are seen gradually along the course of your Invisalign journey. The final result is seen at the end of your treatment plan, which is on average 6 months. The length of your treatment plan, however, depends on how complex your case is. The majority of people begin to see a difference after just the first three months.

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How Does Invisalign Work?

Following a consultation and discussion about your treatment plan, we’ll give you your first set of aligners. You’ll need to wear these for 1–2 weeks before moving on to the next set in the sequence. Your aligners will need to be worn for approximately 22 hours per day.

Along your Invisalign journey, we will see you for regular appointments to closely monitor your progress and make any necessary adjustments. This gradual and gentle approach ensures a comfortable and effective treatment, ultimately leading to a beautifully straight smile.

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How Do You Know If You Need Invisalign in Liverpool?

If you feel as though your teeth need to be treated, you may not know the different Invisalign treatment options that are available to you or if you even qualify for our Invisalign Liverpool service. To confirm your beliefs or state that you don’t need it, this is what we look for when diagnosing a potential patient for Invisalign treatment to start at our dental practice:

    • You have crooked or misaligned teeth
    • You have crowded teeth
    • You have gaps between your teeth
    • You have either overbites or underbites
    • Your teeth are shifting
    • Self-consciousness about your smile
    • Overall oral health

If you’ve noticed any of these problems over time when you look at your teeth, it’s a good idea to consult with our experts here at Dr Yusra. Our Invisalign procedure will prevent any oral concerns and work to improve your unique smile within our holistic consultation.

No matter the problem you have, whether that be gaps in your teeth or crooked teeth, we’re set to make sure you get a personalised experience to ensure you’re happy with your straight teeth at the end.

Benefits of Invisalign in Liverpool

Benefits of Invisalign

Invisalign, available at Dr Yusra’s Liverpool practice from start to finish, offers a discreet and comfortable way to achieve a straighter smile. One key advantage is its near-invisibility, making it an attractive choice for those who want a more inconspicuous orthodontic treatment.

Unlike wearing braces, Invisalign aligners are made from smooth plastic, reducing the risk of discomfort and mouth sores.

Not only that but maintaining your oral hygiene is made simpler with an Invisalign system, as the aligners are removable when eating and drinking, also allowing you to easily floss and brush your teeth.

When you brush and floss, it reduces the likelihood of plaque buildup and cavities. Plus, the ease of use when removing the aligners for special occasions or meals adds convenience to the treatment process.

Invisalign often requires fewer in-person visits, saving time for Liverpool patients. Results for the desired outcome you want are also achieved a lot faster compared to other methods, making it a practical choice if you’re looking for teeth straightening at an efficient rate.

Side Effects Invisalign Liverpool

Are There Any Side Effects of Invisalign?

You may experience some mild, transient changes to your speech in the first few days after starting your Invisalign journey. On rare occasions, some patients also report cheek and tongue biting, jaw pain, and a dry mouth. Solutions to all of the above can be discussed with us at any point of your Invisalign journey, should you report experiencing them.

However, there are no serious side effects to wearing Invisalign, with jaw pain and headaches being the most common symptoms. Yet, for different individuals, you may not experience any pain at all during this process. Contact us today to begin your Invisalign journey; we can’t wait to see you in our clinic.

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Alicia Redgrave
Alicia Redgrave
I visited Dr Yusra’s clinic for non surgical rhinoplasty. I was so impressed with the whole experience from start to finish. Dr Yusra and her team were extremely professional, listening to my concerns and what I hoped to achieve from the procedure. I’d like to give a special mention to Lucy who looked after me pre and post treatment, she was so friendly, knowledgeable and made me feel completely at ease. I look forward to my next visit.
lucy Gibson
lucy Gibson
Best clinic ever
J Hassan
J Hassan
September 2023: I’ve been going to Dr Yusra’s clinic for the last nine months and can honestly say the change in my skin is so apparent that people on Teams calls at work tell me I’m glowing. Dr Lauren has been doing my skin treatments since May with Co2 laser (following secret pro with Olivia) and 3 rounds of subcision with skin boosters. Dr Lauren takes time to explain the science behind the treatments before we do them so I have a realistic idea of the healing and results process. Dr Yusra is also always on hand for any queries too and as soon as you enter the Liverpool clinic, you’re given such a warm and friendly greeting by the team. Despite it being far from me, it is without a doubt worth the drive to get high quality results. Update: I've had two sessions of SecretPro with Olivia and can see a huge difference in my skin so far. Olivia is so professional, patient and took the time to go through the process before and after treatment to ensure I was comfortable. Couldn't recommend Olivia and the team at Dr Yusra's enough! Having been to Dr Yusra’s clinic before, I’ve always found them to have a high standard of care. I’ve recently been in contact with Olivia to help me with the next stage of my skin journey and have been so happy with the helpful advice and assistance she’s given me. I decided to start treatment at Dr Yusra’s clinic because the treatments being offered are different to those I’ve seen elsewhere with really impressive results on other patients. I trust I’m in good hands and excited to continue this journey to finally sorting out my skin!!
Pavendip Kaur
Pavendip Kaur
Really happy with the treatment I received. Thankyou
Emma Hoy
Emma Hoy
I had 3 areas of Botox as well as masseter Botox with Dr Emily and she is so lovely, listens to any queries you have (even if you think it’s a silly question) and puts you at ease through your procedure. I have a lot of pain in my jaw when eating and grinding my teeth in my sleep, Dr Emily was able to talk me through the procedure for helping this and since having masseter Botox I haven’t had pain while eating and there’s no pain when I wake up. Would definite recommend the clinic and Dr Emily.
shiraz baqi
shiraz baqi
I went to see Dr. Emily for a non-surgical nose job, and I couldn't be happier with how everything turned out. Dr. Emily was super caring and understanding, and she made me feel totally comfortable. The results are amazing, and I already feel so much more confident. I'd definitely recommend Dr. Emily – she's really awesome at what she does!
ayesha a
ayesha a
Me and my sister have recently had 2 treatments with the lovely Holly who is one of the skin therapists at the clinic, and we loved getting our treatments by her!! she was fantastic and stayed so professional and caring through out the treatments.. and quickly put us at ease as we were abit nervous to begin with! All I can say is you're in good hands here and I cannot recommend Dr Yusra’s clinic enough! all the staff members are so kind and accommodating cant wait to come back for more treatments x
I have had treatments from Dr Yusra and team over the past few years and despite having to travel quite a distance for this clinic it is 10000% worth the journey. They are careful and expert in the treatments they deliver, and I always feel in safe hands. I would like to thank Dr Emily especially, I have not visited a different clinician or clinic since first seeing her for my treatments and I am always very happy with the results. As well as being talented she is just lovely and a pleasure to visit.
Matt Byrne
Matt Byrne
Dr Yusra and the Gang and the best in the biz. High flyers, they are wildcats who know exactly what to do, whatever you need whether it’s skincare, dental or just needing a confidence boost. They’re the best in the biz.
I have been with Dr Yusra for 3 years, and Ive never looked back, with some small tweaks she allowed me to feel confident again. If anyone is hesitant or looking for the perfect aesthetician I couldn’t recommend this clinic enough! Thank you!