ultracel skin tightening

WHAT IS Ultracel-skin-tightening

ULTRAcel delivers 3 different modalities through one very clever system;
Grid Fractional Radio frequency (GFR), Fractional Radio frequency Microneedling
(FRM) and High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (FUS).
These modalities are used in combination or as stand-alone treatments. ULTRAcel
achieves a combination of short and long term results with minimal or no
Depending on the treatment chosen by you and your practitioner, you can resume
your normal daily routine the same day.


The radio frequency delivers heat, which affects collagen in the deeper layers of
the skin. This causes deep structures of the skin to tighten, and over time, new and
remodelled collagen is produced.
Ultrasound waves are then beamed to a controlled targeted depth of the skin
where thermal heat energy tightens and contracts underlying tissue, right down to
the muscle layer.
Thermal deep tissue treatments stimulate the growth of new healthy collagen for
prolonged and more intensive tightening.

What will ULTRAcel do for me?

ULTRAcel is the ultimate treatment for working on and within your skin
producing exceptional results with little or no downtime. ULTRAcel can help to:

  • Reduce sagging by tightening your skin, typically jowls & neck.
  • Reduce fine lines & wrinkles.
  • Improve overall skin texture & tone.
  • Restore a youthful & smoother appearance.
  • Diminish large pores.
  • Treat acne & acne scarring.

Additionally it works on a layer of the tissue that is generally only improved by
surgery, the SMAS (Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System).


Side effects are rare, have a chat with your doctor if you have any concerns. 


Treatment Time

5-15 mins

Results Duration

Approx 12-18 months


None to minimal discomfort




When will I see results?

The results from these treatments are variable, depending on the original quality
of the skin and degree of damage to be treated. The skin will begin to feel
smoother and tighter even after the first treatment, results from the treatment
will continue to improve for up to six months, increasing with additional

How many treatments will I need?

Treatments are specific to you and your Medical Professional will discuss what it
is you would like to achieve and how many treatments it will take for you to reach
your goal. Most patients generally take between 1-3 treatments.


It is recommended to use a medically proven skin care regime such as Obagi.
Always use a sunscreen (a minimum of SPF30) to avoid sun damage.

How long before I can return to normal activities?

With GFR and FUS you can return to your normal activities immediately with
minimal to no downtime. The FRM treatment may take between 3 hours and 3
days before normal activities are resumed.